The Best Bike Phone Holders – 2021 Comprehensive Guide

If you cycle, chances are that your phone is with you. But where do you put it? We’ve compiled a list of the best bike phone mounts to keep your device safe and accessible while we ride.

These bike holders should be easy to install on any type of bike frame or handlebars–no matter how old or new they might be.

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You’re riding your bike. You need to answer an urgent call, but you don’t want to get distracted by taking your hands off the handlebars or looking for a place where you can safely stop and make the call.

What should you do? With so many different options available today, it’s hard to know which is best for you! In this article, we will explore some of the best phone holders on the market – from those that attach directly to your bike frame, to ones that attach between a water bottle cage and your handlebar.

The best bike phone holders come in all shapes, sizes, colours and materials these days, but some are better suited than others depending on what you need them for.

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Out Top Choice from the Begining

  1. Best Overall Bike Phone mount: Holder Rokform Pro Series
  2. Best armband bike phone holder: Bone Run + Bike Tie Connect Kit
  3. Best for larger screen Tune Belt AB91 Cell Phone Armband Holder
  4. Best for Iphones Spigen Gearlock Stem Bike Mount
  5. Best for android Phones. Quad-Lock Out Front Bike Mount
  6. Best bike tablet holder TACKFORM Universal Tablet Holder
  7. Best waterproof phone holder: ROCKBROS Bike Phone Mount Bag
  8. Best Budget Bike Phone Mounts Bovon Bike Phone Mount
  9. Best Bag Phone mount: Bike Phone Front Frame Bag
  10. Best phone mounts for commuting: Metal Bike Phone Mount

What is a bike phone holder?

what is a bike phone holder? | best bike phone holders | best bike cell phone mounts | best cycling cell phone holders | bike phone holders | bike phone mounts

A bike phone holder also knows as a cell phone holder or bike cell phone mount is a device attached to a bicycle to hold the phone on the handlebar. You can attach it with zip ties or velcro straps and then tighten them so that they don’t come loose while you are riding your bike.

What are the benefits of using a bike phone mount?

The benefits of using a mount for your cell phone vary depending on what type of rider you are- commuter, cyclist, racer etc… For example, if you’re commuting by bike each day and use maps extensively this is very useful because there’s no need to worry about holding onto your mobile device which could make steering difficult.

benefits of bike phone holders

If you cycle recreationally during weekends but still want music whilst cycling without taking up too much space on your handlebars then an audio speaker mounted may be more appropriate. A GPS app will be more useful to a cyclist who frequently races, and so on.

Benefits of using bike phone holders: It ensures that your hands are free which means you can focus on the road ahead while still being able to use navigation apps. etc as well as having access to emergency services when required. Nevertheless, you can read our guide on the best cycling apps

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For cyclists it is also important because keeping both hands on the handlebars gives them better control over their bicycle’s speed and direction; this reduces instances of accidents by making steering easier requiring less force from riders’ fingertips.

Plus there are some other benefits too! If you come into contact with water or mud whilst cycling then you won’t have to worry about getting wet if your mobile device is safely mounted up high in one place- unless it’s an open face cycling helmet, of course.

10 Best Cycling cell phone Mounts.

Lets us dive deeper and explore our top choice bike phone holders as one of the best bike gear.

1.Rokform Pro Series (Our best overall bike phone mount)

Rokform Pro Series best overall bike phone mount

Special Feature Durable, Adjustable | Compatible Phone Models Apple iPhone X, Apple iPhone 8 Plus | Brand Rokform | Material Aluminum, Stainless Steel

In the time spent cycling, your phone is most likely going to get jostled around. The common solution for this is to buy a lot of foam and rubber bands – just kidding with you there is none better than Rokform Pro Series

Having one unique bike phone holder that you can fully depend on calls serious research and being keen when choosing. However we did out a depth guide and studies many resources and reviews, Rokform Pro Series came out to be the top bike phone holders.

Rokform Pro Series give you the required results and it fully protected your phone. It’s very firm, made with durable materials and you will have a clean modern experience when cycling with it.

Pocket-sized and durable, Rokform Pro Series has the perfect phone case for rugged terrain. Their cases are built with aircraft-grade aluminium that is tough enough to withstand daily use without any wear or tear – because let’s be honest, we all feel like our phones have a pretty rough life!

[amazon box=”B008BQOVYG” template=”horizontal”]

The adjustable viewing angle will allow you to find just the right spot to enjoy easy text messages and Google Maps directions on your screen–even if your friends refuse help (and who do they think they’re kidding?!) With their latest cell coverage available at an arm’s reach away it’ll be hard not having them around when you need them most.

As Planet bikes guru this is a must-have bike gear and we would strongly recommend that you go for this one Read more about Rokform Pro Series

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2.Bone Run + Bike Tie Connect Kit (Best Arm Band Phone Holder)

Bone Run + Bike Tie Connect Kit | arm band phone holder

The problem is when you’re on a bike your phone is just loose in the air. Bringing up GoogleMaps to navigate but can’t see the information? Bone Run + Bike Tie Connect Kit With features that disperse pressure from road vibration and preserve your cellphone with flexibility; there are no longer any worries about damaging your phone while riding around town on two wheels. Buy the best armband phone mount.

We have also taken care of safety concerns, because what if you accidentally take off without telling anyone where you’re headed? Sometimes it’s best to share your plans with someone before taking off. If this sounds like something that might be worried about (or excited for!), then get yourself a bone + bike tie connect kit today!

[amazon box=”B08V3LKSD3″ template=”horizontal”]

This convenient device mounts conveniently onto your bike while remaining sturdy enough to keep the phone in place. It’s made out of silicone (we know someone who eats that), so it won’t slip off easily from vibrations on bumpy roads. Easily rotate 360° without any trouble whatsoever whether horizontal or vertical! Simply twist your desired position free from interference. Feel free to learn more about Bone Run

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3.Tune Belt AB91 Cell Phone Armband Holde (.Best for the larger screen)

Tune Belt AB91 Cell Phone large screen bike phone mounts

Now you can keep your phone secure and fully protected while working up a sweat on the treadmill, feeling confident that this armband is constructed to last. Tune Belt AB91 AB91 Cell Phone Armband Holde provides excellent protection from perspiration and the elements with no openings directly on the skin and neoprene fabric that wicks away moisture.

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Soft, cushioning material maintains a secure grip without bouncing or slipping so you can move freely through your workout even when vigorously moving! Best of all – it won’t feel too tight or restrictive as it’s made for men and women alike to be able to exercise comfortably!

4.Spigen Gearlock Stem Bike Mount (Best for Iphones)

Spigen Gearlock Stem Bike Mount best iPhone holder

Trip up a climb. Whip around a corner. Fly by friends with the speed of your legs and sweat on your neck. You’ve invested in miles and hours, so get ready for races to become just that much more intense: with room to spare!

Spigen Gearlock Stem Bike Mount is here to secure all of your moments from mile-long runs to weekend bike tours with an innovative one-click design that secures while making access effortless no matter where you need it or what time you have left in the ride.

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The aerodynamic slim build maintains every ride at high performance without compromising any other stops along its way; the bike phone holder fibreglass core offers incredible resistance against extreme conditions which makes trying as hard as possible even easier when attached using the adjustable angle’s.

Spigen Gearlock Stem Bike Mount is the best bike phone holder for iPhone phones. However, it is also compatible with other types of mobile phones.

5.Best for androids: Quad-Lock Out Front Bike Mount

Quad-Lock Out Front Bike Mount  best android phone holders

Quad-Lock Out Front Bike Mount is our most prefer bike phone for android apps. This one also supports other smartphones.

It’s time to end the endless game of phone-clutching while you ride. Made with double strength Quad-Lock tech, this mount is your perfect solution for easy access and a less stressful ride. Have your keep your eyes on the road instead of fumbling for a dropped cell phone, or worse – watching it fall off during a precarious shift. Wouldn’t you prefer that?

The stickiness is strong: simply wrap it around your handlebars then grab opposite ends to secure it in place (without draining precious energy). Once you’ve cinched down, adjust and rotate so that your chosen side shows – perfect!

[amazon box=”B0881N14PH” template=”horizontal”]

It doesn’t stop there: we know how much frustration goes into mounting bikes clips on one set of bars without having enough research. The only bike mount for your phone you’ll ever need. The Quad-Lock Out Front Bike Mount is the lightest, strongest and most secure smartphone bike mount available.

Stem / Over-stem mounting option means easy access to your device while on-road or off-road cycling

Clamp offers compatibility with 35mm, 31.8mm, 25.4mm & 22mm handlebars so no matter the size of your handlebars you can safely lock down your expensive devices against thieves and weather damage without moving them from their rotation position! Compatible with all Quad Lock Cases PLUS an optional action cam adaptor is also available although it is not included).

6.TACKFORM Universal Tablet Holder (best bike tablet holder)

TACKFORM Universal Tablet Holder

Brand Tackform | Material Rubber | Compatible Devices Samsung-galaxy-tab-s-10.5, Apple-ipad-air, Google-nexus-9, Samsung-galaxy-note-10.1 etc

TACKFORM Universal Tablet Holder is the ideal solution to keep your tablet visible and easy to use during cycling. The unique hinge design provides just enough play in the arm length for it to safely slide into tight spaces, like on a bicycle handlebar. Hence TACKFORM  featuring as the best bike tablet holder.

With this Clamping onto barsis possible ranging from 0.6” all the way up to 1.5” wide, it can be mounted high or low on any horizontal surface with you need a leg up (literally).

Made from durable ABS plastic and lined inside with grippy rubber padding, TACKFORM  has got an unshakeable hold on your barbells too thanks to its super sturdy clamping action between one compact spring loaded lever knob and thumb screw adjustment system.

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The TACKFORM Universal Tablet Holder is exactly what you need for an efficient workout area. Quickly change settings on your tablet while staying focused on the task at hand-whether that’s a bike ride or a run. Stay tuned to your favorite song, check out your stats with MapMyFitness, or finally finish those emails during time spent in the gym.

The best part? The holder will clamp onto any type of bar (up to 38mm wide) and can be adapted to fit most tablets-perfect for finding that perfect listening experience even on the treadmill! Stick around for months and years later by transforming your tablet into new products; whether it’s cycling up straight while speaking hands free. Buy now TACKFORM Universal Tablet Holder

7.ROCKBROS Bike Phone Mount Bag (Best Waterproof phone golder)

ROCKBROS Bike Phone Mount Bag  | waterproof phone holder

Do you despise stopping to check your map app, only to have bright light bounce off the screen into your eyes and make it even harder to read? You’ll love ROCKBROS Bike Phone Mount Bag! It features a lightweight TPU touch screen for convenience.

Rock Bros’ bike phone holder bag boasts plenty of room to carry anything you need on your ride: multi-tools, keys, money/gift cards and large capacity storage all without fear of trail dust or water ruining precious belongings because they’re packed in waterproof tarp.

[amazon box=”B07JH7RQ6C” template=”horizontal”]

The One-piece magic strap adds stability, while three reinforced straps at the top and bottom keep this phone pack securely fastened on whatever mode of transport you choose.

Throw your phone in this kick-ass bike bag and you’ll never need to worry about not being able to text while on the go ever again. Let’s be honest, when was the last time you could even tell if someone texted because their phone was in a tiny pocket? You’re going to be kicking yourself for not imagining it sooner! GetROCKBROS Bike Phone Mount Bag

8. Bovon Bike Phone Mount ( Budget bike cell Phone Mount)

Bovon Bike Phone Mount

Best Budget bike Phone Mounts Bovon Bike Phone Mount

If your phone is anything like mine – it’s important for you to be able to look at it no matter what you’re doing.

So if I’m out for a jog or riding my bike, find the perfect position (horizontal, vertical, or any angle) and lock in!

Show off your bike riding skills to friends and family as you answer incoming phone calls or snap selfies on the fly. With a full 360° rotation for any desired viewing angle, not only will this Bovon Bike Phone Mountkeep you connected at all times but it’ll also make sure that no matter what, when someone is calling they’re going to be seeing how awesome of a biker (or photographer) you are!

[amazon box=”B008BQOVYG” template=”horizontal”]

The Bovon Bicycle Holder is a must-have for any cyclist! It’s a low profile, adjustable belt that securely locks the handlebars making sure you’re riding in complete stability even on bumpy roads. And who doesn’t have their precious phone with them at all times?

This budget holder ensures your phone can be easily accessed without having to worry about it falling out of its mount while cycling around town or going off roading into the wilderness.

Bovon Bike Phone Mount was made to make phone hands-free while you’re busy biking, which is great for runners. And the hassle-free design makes it easy to attach and detach quickly from bike handles in seconds – perfect for any avid runner.

Made with a high quality elastic silicone that absorbs all shocks, this mount prevents your electronic device from bumps and scratches so you can focus on getting in your miles without worrying about damaging your device.

9.Bike Phone Front Frame Bag (Best Bag Phone mount)

Bike Phone Front Frame Bag

As your trusted biking companion, we provide a space for all of your items and essentials so that you can concentrate on conquering inner demons and making it to the top! So whether you’re going out with friends or just exploring new places by yourself, this bike phone bag is designed for 30+ mile ride.

The front frame bag features an innovative window which allows you to view apps such as Google Maps without ever taking off our best bike gloves. Not only does this allow us greater security on long rides but also greatly relieves stress about being lost in unfamiliar territory.

[amazon box=”B079QKP848″ template=”horizontal”]

With a clear view through the film, controlling your device is as easy as ever-no more struggling with touchscreen tech in subzero weather!

Have you ever been running and suddenly remembered that your cell phone is at? Put it in a bike bag! The bike phone mount bag has many humanization designs.

The first is the hidden earphone hole which allows you answer the phone or enjoy music freely while cycling. second, reflective tapes on both sides of biketop tube bags to keep your night ride safety.

thirdly, a dual soft rubber zipper pulls make it convenient to open & close with one-hand operation for convenience when riding. The bike top tube bag is made of ultralight and stylish carbon fiber material with sealed double zippers closure, which ensures the water doesn’t flow into the bag. Buy now theBike Phone Front Frame Bag

10. Best phone mounts for commuting: Metal Bike Phone Mount

Metal Bike Phone Mount

 Best phone mounts for commuting: Metal Bike Phone Mount

You know what they say: “Life’s short. Live it up!” Well, we feel that same way about biking on the open road while taking in all of nature around us! That feeling is only amplified when you have a phone mount to keep track of life outside your view or if you need directions from someone back at HQ for an upcoming turnoff?

And don’t worry-we gotcha covered with their universal design and silicone belt structure lockin’ down any size mobile device securely while absorbing shocks so ya’ll can enjoy every minute out there without ever having to live second-guessing whether somethin’ bad might happen.

[amazon box=”B079Z1CH9B” template=”horizontal”]

Let’s be honest, the motorcycle and ATV crowd is really just an afterthought when it comes to accessories for bikes. But the Metal Bike Phone Mount doesn’t discriminate! In fact, if you cycle anywhere else other than on a bicycle – even motorcycles or ATVs – then this accessory will come in handy. 

Not just for cyclists! We want you to use the Metal Bike Phone Mount on any cycle, including motorcycle.

So, Just tighten up its adjustable elastic grip with 360 degrees rotation freedom so just set your preferred angle and position that suits you best for maximum comfort during your ride whether biking over country terrains or cruising the highways on 2 wheels.

Secure Grip Your Bike Phone with the best phone mount for commuting courtesy of Metal Bike Phone Mount.

How does bike cell phone mount work?

Now that we know what the best bike phone holders are and why you might want to use them in the first place it’s time to find out how bike phone holders work!

The most popular type is a handlebar mount– this product clips onto your bicycle’s handlebars or dashboard and can be adjusted to fit any device between three inches up to six inches.

You may also see some models which have an adhesive base; these stick on with strong glue and will provide protection from dust, water, snow etc as well as preventing scratches on your mobile device if you’re not 100% confident about securing it within one of the other types listed below. There are plenty more styles available too so read ahead for those details!

Easiest to install: the suction cup mount. These adhere to your bike’s handlebars or other surfaces, and then you can attach your device with a clamp- these are ideal for those who don’t want anything too permanent on their bicycle or vehicles so they’re perfect if you cycle around quite often!

Suction cups mounts are also good because, unlike adhesive bases, they won’t leave marks when removed and will be easy to clean afterwards with some water as well as being reusable time and time again.

More secure option: magnetic phone holder – this model is securely attached to metal surfaces such as cars or bikes via a magnet; it’ll stick in place firmly but without leaving any obvious signs of the presence of amount.

There are two types of magnetic phone holders: ones that can be mounted on the bike’s handlebars, and those which attach to your car dashboard with an adhesive plate or clamp. Magnetic mounts only work well for devices with metal backs but make sure you get a model that has been designed specifically for your device type!

Who Should Use a Bike Phone Mount?

  1. If you’re an avid cyclist and want to use your phone while on the go, a bike phone mount is perfect for you. You can keep up with music playlists or connect to GPS along the way without worrying about the safety of keeping it in your pocket.
  2. If you don’t ride too much but still need protection against rain or getting lost around town, then the best biking cell phones might be worth considering as well. These typically attach right onto handlebars and work just like other smartphone holders do – though they have additional features tailored specifically towards cyclists.
  3. A good alternative if neither of these is applicable options is using a mobile device holder that clamps onto any stemless bar size (from 25mm to 31.75mm) which can be found on any bike rack.
  4. No matter what type of phone holder you are looking for, look no further than our list to find the right one!

The Types of bike phone mounts

There are several types of bike phone mounts. Read below and get to know about the different types of phone mounts.

  1. Handlebar mount – A handlebar phone holder can be installed on the bike and then you would put your phone in it. You could tilt the grip to adjust for a better viewing angle if you want. The downside is that these are not as sturdy, so when going over rougher terrain or bumpy roads, they may pop off suddenly.
  2. Headset Mounts – These types of mounts attach directly onto your headset usually with an adhesive pad or rubber band which adheres securely to most styles of headsets like aerodynamic ones and those without bars. There are also some models designed specifically for wearing around the neck while riding. All but one model have a built-in speakerphone function too!
  3. Arm Mounts – These are great for cyclists who want to use their phone as a bike computer. They attach onto the handlebars and have a strap that goes around your arm so you can still easily operate it while riding.
  4. Handlebar Phone Cases – A lot of brands produce cases that slip over your handlebars, securely attaching with velcro or clips at either end. If you’re looking for something more stylish then this may be the way to go!
  5. Seat Pads – These mount on your bike seat and will hold your phone securely in front of you.
  6. Handlebar Phone Cases – If you’re looking for something a little more stylish then this may be the way to go! They attach to the handlebars (either with velcro or clips) and have an adjustable strap that will keep it secure while riding. This is also great if you want to use your smartphone as a bike computer whilst cycling.

Our Wrap Up On the best bike phone holders

In Conclusion, you now know that a bike phone mount is a critical component of your cycling life. It can help you stay connected, but it also needs to be safe and easy to use for the best experience possible.

We’ve compiled our favorite bike cell phone mounts that are sure to meet all of these requirements. Which one did you choose? Let us know in the comments section below!

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