How to Become a Good Mountain Bike Rider: Step by Step Guide

A lot of people think that mountain biking is just about being as fast, dangerous and hardcore as possible. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Mountain biking can be a very enjoyable experience for anyone – even if you are new to it!

That’s why this article will give you all the information you need on how to become a good mountain bike rider, step by step. You will find out what mountain bikes are best suited for beginners, different terrain types that beginner riders should avoid at first, and much more!

 how to become a good mountain bike rider

Personally, I believe It is not a coincidence that you are reading this article. You must have been looking for ways to become good at mountain biking and while there are many articles on the internet about how to improve your skills, they often lack practical information. We will provide an easy to follow guide that will help you develop the base of knowledge required before moving on with more advanced techniques.

How to Become a Good Mountain Bike Rider: Step by Step Guide

Mountain biking is, without a doubt, one of the best activities you can engage in. It’s not just about adrenaline and excitement but also improving your physical condition and learning how to ride new terrain types faster than before.

However, mountain bike riding requires a skill that needs to be developed little by little from day one onwards – or it will only lead you into trouble! To help all beginner riders out there we’ve gathered some important tips on becoming a good rider step-by-step below.

*The first thing any beginner should do when they’re looking for information with regards to how to become better at MTB is pick up whatever trail maps are available for

1. Know the basics of mountain biking

 how to become a good mountain bike rider

Things like..

  • – What kind of techniques are there?
  • – How to ride over different surfaces and terrain types.
  • – Basic bike maintenance, such as checking the tire pressure or chain tension:

Knowledge is power! The more you know about what you’re doing – how your body reacts in certain situations on an MTB for example – the better prepared you’ll be when faced with it again.

And that’s why we suggest taking some time out of your day to educate yourself before plunging in headfirst into mountain biking adventures. It will also help you make smarter decisions regarding gear purchases later on so don’t underestimate this one simple step for new riders!

Take baby steps while learning how to ride uphill: Going from flat ground to a steep hill can be overwhelming for beginners, so take it easy. Use the momentum of your bike’s descent to help you climb up and don’t forget to pedal!

Try riding switch: Riding with the pedals on opposite sides of the bike will require some practice but flipping back and forth while going downhill is not only fun, it helps riders learn how to handle their bikes in tricky terrain situations without having much experience.

-How to look out for obstacles or hazards ahead: Nothing could be worse than trying to ride over an obstacle that should have been avoided when you first saw it coming – like a rock or tree root sticking straight into your path at eye level because you weren’t paying attention.

What are good mountain biking skills to have?:

Staying in control:

Cornering: When riding downhill, the rider should lean their bike into a corner. This can be done by turning your handlebars either towards or away from the inside of the turn.

On uphill trails using this technique is not recommended as it will cause you to lose traction on loose surfaces and make it difficult for your tires to grip onto roots and rocks that are running parallel with your direction of travel.

Braking effectively: Stopping quickly might sound like an easy skill but learning how much pressure needs to be applied can take some practice – especially when negotiating technical terrain where there isn’t a lot of room for error such as rocky sections, logs, tree roots, etc

2. Get a mountain bike that is the right size for you

Having a mountain bike that fits you well is too important in that it will make you more comfortable and less likely to get injured. The best way to find the right size bike is by bringing a friend with you that rides bikes or someone who can give you advice, like an employee at the store.

3. Practice on a bike park or BMX track before trying to tackle the trails

Hey, pal allows me to say this: you should practice on a bike park or BMX track before trying to tackle the trails. Don’t even start thinking about it, just do it!

A good mountain biker knows that there is no such thing as an “easy” trail. You have to be in shape so you can handle both long and short rides with ease, but most importantly: without getting injured.

Sure, some people may say they’re well-trained enough for these extreme trials when their heart rate never goes over 160 beats per minute – which means nothing at all if this person’s body fat percentage is greater than 20%. All those years of eating fast food are not going away anytime soon.”

“A great mountain biker knows that there have been many occasions where he or she has faced his/her fears head-on and won.” Mountain biking requires a lot of courage because it takes guts to go faster downhill knowing you might crash into rocks, trees or other obstacles along the way. This sentence also reminds readers how hard mountain bike riding can be.

“Mountain bikers need to know when they’re pushing the limits and when it’s best to slow down.” mountain biking is about balancing risks with rewards; riders who want exciting rides should be aware of how much adrenalin pumping through their veins can create natural feelings of fear.

As you begin, it may seem like a difficult task at first because many people are not used to riding bikes on such an uneven surface, but once all that initial anxiety has subsided – what remains is pure adrenaline and endless possibilities! Mountain bike enthusiasts understand this feeling very well: It’s hard work going uphill, exhausting coming back downhill… But each time they get off their bike there’s usually nothing else in the world they’d rather

4. Find a good mountain biking trail

There are plenty of mountain bike trails to choose from, and it’s important to find a trail that is suitable for your skill level. The most popular trails in the United States are Moab, Utah; Durango Colorado; and Sedona Arizona.

 how to become a good mountain bike rider

TIP: What are some of the best mountain bike trails in your state? Do you know a famous trail that people fly to just for biking and hiking? Mention it.

Types of mountain bike trail

-Bike Path: bike paths are great for beginners because they have a smooth surface and don’t require any technical skills.

-Pump Track: pump tracks can be found in some parks, but mostly on private land–like at snowboarding resorts or summer camps. The best part about these trails is that you only need to pedal when going uphill!

-Enduro Trail: Enduro biking requires more skill than most mountain bike riders possess, so this trail will likely not work for you now if it’s your first time riding.

-Downhill Bike Trails: Downhill bikes are heavier and faster than typical mountain bikes; their tires also contain spikes called knobbies that help maintain traction while descending steep terrains like hillsides and mountains.

-Tandem Bike: If you’re looking to ride with a friend, try tandem biking! Tandems are heavier than regular mountain bikes and are generally only for use on flat terrain or paved paths.

-Hybrid Bike: A hybrid bike is the best option if you want something lightweight and can handle both uphill and downhill riding–perfect for beginners! Like tandems, they’re not good options for steep slopes because of their lack of knobby tires.

The process will take some time but it’ll be worth it to become skilled at this sport. Becoming a better rider is all about practice; so get out there now before summer ends!”

5. Make sure you have all of the proper safety gear

Having biking gear is very important. You need to get a bike helmet, bicycle gloves, and knee and elbow pads. It may seem like you’re over-preparing for the worst when all you do is bike around your neighbourhood, but it’s better than regretting not wearing safety gear when something goes wrong.

You should also make sure that your biking shoes are tied tight enough so they don’t come undone while riding on rough terrain. This will help prevent injury if one foot becomes stuck in a pedal or between the wheel spokes of your bike.

Volunteer as an instructor at least once before trying more advanced skills

There are many benefits from volunteering as an instructor for inexperienced bikers! Not only can this be a great way to practice some new skills before taking them on the trail, but it can also be a great way to interact with other riders and learn from their experiences.

6. Learn how to brake, balance and shift gears properly

This is another special step to take for beginners who want to know how to become a good mountain bike rider. Nevertheless, this need not be the most important step, as it is just an auxiliary one.

 how to become a good mountain bike rider

The braking system for a mountain bike is different from that of other bikes because these have two brakes that are used simultaneously to stop quickly. This means that you must learn how to use both brake levers at once so that you will always come to a standstill safely and smoothly when needed.

It also helps if they’re set up well; ensure that the front lever can reach your index finger without any effort and there should be enough space on the handlebar between them so they don’t touch or interfere with each other while braking (or turning). You can do adjustments by screwing in/out cable bolts nearest to the lever.

Sometimes it’s not the brakes that are stopping you, but your wheels! If they have a puncture or if one of them is filled with sand and dirt from riding off-road on rough surfaces, then this might be the cause for stopping when braking. You can’t do anything about any damage to the tire. But if you face a flat tire see our guide on how to fix a flat tire.

7. Use your legs, not just your arms,

when you pedal to push the bike up hills. Start by using your arms to lift the bike and then use your legs to give it a little hop on top of the hill. To get through rough spots in the trail, keep pedalling and jump over obstacles as best you can.

You should always wear proper protective gear while mountain biking as we have stated above. The most common injuries are from falling off a cliff or hitting rocks with unprotected hands and feet. It is also not uncommon for riders to injure themselves when they crash into trees along steep slopes that have no trails marked out.”

8. Stay hydrated by bringing water with you on your rides

how to become a good mountain biker | stay hydrated when riding a bike

There is a high risk of dehydration when mountain biking because it takes so much effort. Drink a lot of water in biking also takes a lot of concentration. You need to be focused on the trail as well

Our Wrap Up on how to become a good mountain bike rider in 2021

We believe the above steps can help you improve your bike riding skills. In conclusion, to become a good mountain bike rider, you should get the required knowledge and enough experience.

They keep practicing and within no time you be there. In addition to that, I am curious to let me know how it went and if already experienced and have anything to add let us know and we will be happy to update our guide on how to become a good mountain bike rider

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do you progress in mountain biking?

Learning how to become a good mountain biker and actually have some good progress will depend on you. If you are fully focused and committed towards mountain biking then you will achieve your goals. keep training, that’s my advice.

How can I improve my mountain bike at home?

Stay focused and improve on your endurance as this would represent as if you were riding up hill. train how to balance your self. and also keep block near and try biking around them while keeping balance.

Who is the most famous mountain biker?

studies show that mountain bike speed ranges around 16 to 20 kilometers per hour. this is when the mountain bike is on a single track riding. however you read more statics data from here

Is a mountain bike good for street riding?

Mountain bikes were generally designed for mountainous terrains. However mountain bikes are usually harder to pedal on terrains. for this I would advice you to go for the best hybrid bikes or road bikes which are light weight, fast and would be comfortable to use for street riding.

Can you use a mountain bike for casual riding?

If i would be fair when answering this question then i am a person who loves specialization. therefore i would definitely choose a commuting bike or cyclocross bike for my casual riding. You will to be able to fully keep up with other people on the road when using a mountain bike.

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