Best way on How to Lubricate a Mountain Bike Chain (2021 Guide)

We came up with this guide on how to properly lubricate a mountain bike chain because a mountain bike chain is a crucial component of your mountain bike. It connects the pedals to the rear wheel, and it needs to be lubricated in order to work properly. Without lube, your chain can get stuck on certain links and you will not be able to pedal any farther. You might also have trouble shifting gears or stopping quickly because the lack of lube causes extra friction. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, follow these steps for how to lubricate a mountain bike chain correctly:

What is a Moutain bike chain?

Let’s start with the basics that a mountain bike chain is a series of metal links that connect both pedals to the bicycle’s rear wheel and gears, allowing you to pedal and change speeds while riding uphill or downhill with ease.

Let’s dive in and see the 3 steps on how to properly lubricate a mountain bike chain

1. Clean the chain with a degreaser and a rag or brush.

how to properly lubricate a mountain bike chain
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Cleaning the chain will remove any dirt/debris that might be causing friction on your bike, and it will help to speed up the lubing process by removing excess oil from the links of your chain and. Now you’re ready for step two!

Rinse off all traces of degreaser with clean water so there’s no chemical residue left over. The last thing we need is a dirty mess!

Clean out any extra oil or grease in between each link using an old toothbrush or rag that can get into those tight spaces. You’ll notice that this makes a big difference when you start lubricating because now most of the grease has been removed before applying new oils onto your chain.

Run your finger along with each pin in order to make sure there’s no dirt blocking them. The thing to note is that cleaning before applying your lube is important. Now you’re ready for step two!

2. Apply lubricant to one link at a time.

You will have to apply the lubricant moving from back to front on the bike. This will help the lube to travel through your chain and onto each individual link.

Start by applying lubricant to one link at a time, using an old toothbrush or rag that can get into those tight spaces. Apply some pressure with the brush so it spreads around the entire inside of the links and down underneath any plate where there are gaps between pins.

If you try this without doing anything else first, you’ll notice that most of what’s being applied has been wiped away. Or rather dropped to the floor. Therefore apply some more lube as apply the following step.

3. Turn pedals backwards while applying lubricant

Do this until it’s evenly distributed across the chain. This enables the lube to get into all the chain links. Then you Finish by wiping down excess oil with rags or paper towels for easy cleaning. You will not want to leave more lube on the bike chain as this will totally attract dust and debris which might lead to a poor mountain biking experience. I can also bet on this that it’s something you not want.

How often should you lube a mountain bike chain?

This is a common question between riders. However, all you need to know is that a bike chain needs periodic maintenance. Chains typically go through three different periods of usage.

New chains are rinsed with degreaser and lubricated with an oil-based lubricant; after the first 50 miles or so, the drivetrain goes from being fresh to dirty but still fairly clean. When exposed for prolonged periods to dirt and grime, most people would recommend changing out your drivetrain components for more durable ones made specifically for off-road use in dusty conditions (e.g., KMC X11SL Gold).

If this sounds like too much work, you might want to invest in a chain cleaning device like Chain Suckers, which can be found at your local bike shop.

Chain suckers are a great way to clean the dirt off of mountain bike chains without having to disassemble them beforehand. They are also easy and cheap (typically under $30) when compared with buying new drivetrain components or taking them into a bike mechanic for deep-cleaning services. You may need some practice before getting the hang of using one because they tend to spray dirty oil while sucking up grease from inside the chain’s links; however, knowing how often is too soon for lubricating a mountain bike chain will make this process much easier on yourself than dealing with an over-lubricated chain.

Benefits of lubricating your bike chain

We have some benefits that we get we lubricate our bike chains frequently. Some of them are as follows;

1. Lubricating a bike chain will make it last longer

2. Lubricating a bike chain will reduce the amount of noise it makes 

3. Lubricating a bike chain will help keep dirt and debris from getting inside the gears

4. Lubricating a bike chain can be done in just minutes with an inexpensive bottle of lubricant 

5. Lubricating your bicycle’s drivetrain is easy to do yourself and doesn’t require any special tools or training

6. The extra effort you put into caring for your bicycle will pay off when you ride on cooler, cleaner roads without worrying about getting stuck halfway up the hill because your derailleur has seized up again!

Our wrap up on How to lubricate a mountain bike chain

As we have stated that A bike chain is one of the most important parts of your mountain biking experience. It transfers power from your pedals and transmits it through the gears, ultimately driving the wheels which propel you forward on your ride.

And while a well-maintained chain will provide many benefits for both efficiency and safety, nevertheless we have stated about 6 benefits you can get when you lubricate your bike.

However, if neglected over time it can become rusty or worn down and may need replacing altogether, which is an extra expense. In this blog post, we looked at how to lubricate a mountain bike chain so that you don’t have any problems with rusting or wear too soon!

Have you ever had an issue with dryness in your drivetrain? Let us know below about what issues you’ve been having! or rather is there a different way that you use to lubricate your bike chain? please share it and be glad to update our article. We also have another guide for you by here and also another one by enduro here

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