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The Top 2021 Benefits of Electric Bikes

Electric bikes have been gaining popularity in recent years, and for good reason. They offer a way to travel without the burden of carrying heavy gear or burning up fossil fuels. Probably one might be asking what is an E-bike? These new bikes have a motor that can be either pedaled or powered by an electric battery, meaning they’re much easier to use than traditional bicycles.

benefits of an E-Bike | Advantages of an E-Bike | Pros and Cons of an E- Bike

The benefits of electric bikes are many. If you’re considering buying one of these newer models, here’s what you need to know before making your decision! in summary, we will explore the benefits of electric bike ownership so that you can make an informed decision about your cycling lifestyle and budget! We Will also discuss the pros and cons of electric bike


Question to ask yourself

What Kind of Rider Are You? The first thing we’ll discuss is who this bike will work for best. Electric bikes are available in different styles for different types of riders: mountain bikers, road cyclists, city commuters and recreational riders alike!

  1. Mountain bikers: If you’re a mountain biker, you need the extra power and traction an electric bike offers on rough terrain. The electric bikes are designed for rugged terrain with thick tires that grip better than regular ones because of their wider contact patch.
  2. Road cyclists: For someone who leads an active lifestyle but still has to commute by bike in traffic every day, an electric bike is perfect! A road cyclist typically lives close enough to work or school so they can ride most days without too much fatigue. Their needs vary from those of a commuter’s–they don’t have to carry as many supplies at once, but do want something speedy and efficient just like any other rider would be looking for.
  3. City cyclists: For a city cyclist, the biggest factor is how far they are typically commuting. A daily commute of around 25-40 miles and over can get tedious with an electric bike because you’re still pedalling for most of it–but then again, so would your legs if you were on foot!
Advantages of E-Bike (Pros)Disadvantages Of E-Bikes (Cons)
Best Design with a wide varietyE-bikes are somehow Expensive
Low maintenance cost and easy to use/ maintainYou can cycle for a specified range
They make pedalling easierThe resale value is low
Easy to use and easy to chargeShort lifespan battery
Environmental benefits Heavier when not charged
It saves on fuel
They can cover long distance
Health benefits

Benefits of Electric Bikes (the pros of Electric bikes)

Benefits of an E-Bike | Pros Of electric Bikes | Advantages of Electric bike

If getting from point A to point B efficiently is what matters most in cycling, should an electric bicycle be your next purchase or not? The choice between buying an electric bike versus another type will depend on several factors such as distance travelled, terrain difficulty (riding uphill), current physical condition and budget. Read more about some benefits below. If you want help deciding which one of these bicycles might be best for you, please contact a local bike shop.

1.Best Design with a wide variety

E-bikes come with a wide range of sleek design. They are also comfortable to cycle and everybody can get one which can suit his or her cycling desires. E-bikes are also customisable and add both quality and attractiveness to the bike.

There are many bikes for every category of cycling for instance you can find:

  • Mountain E-Bike
  • Folding E-Bike
  • Hybrid Electric bikes
  • Electric Road bikes etc…

This means you can find an electric bike for any kind of adventure. With the best design and quality. E-bikes can give you a chance to ahead of others.

3.Low maintenance cost and easy to use/ maintain

When we compare Electric bikes to something like cars then Electric bikes tend to have a low maintenance cost. Even normal traditional bikes in different situations may need maintenance and preparation with increase the cost. The bikes are also built on dates in different adverse situations.

E-Bikes are easy to use and compared to traditional bikes. It all depends on balancing during cycling. A person who does not know how to pedal can generally cycle an electric bike. It is just a matter of maintaining speed and focus while cycling.

4.They make pedalling easier (Assisted biking)

For a bike to be very fast you have to pedal at a high rate. However, with this rich feature of an E-Bike, you can simply go fast due to the assisted bike mechanism of the electric bike.

5.It saves on fuel as it only uses electricity.

Fuel is expensive as compared to electricity. A brief study did by Huffington Post averaged the consumption of fuel in the US to be at $2000 per annum. How about having an E-bike that does not use fuel but takes you places you love to go. This is one of the major benefits of electric bikes. Continue reading…

6.Easy to use and easy to charge

E-bikes are not only very easy to use but also to charge. If you feel like you need some help with this we have a guide on How to Charge an E-bike. Do check it out.

Every aspect of an e-bike is easy to understand and use it. however the traditional also not left behind on this. Although I know everyone would love to cycle a bike that is comfortable and easy when operating it.

7.Environmental benefits of electric bikes

E-bike also contributes positively to the environments. Since they don’t use fuel which causes pollution. Gases emitted from vehicles causes acid rain and even global warming. Therefore when people which to cycling then the amount of effluence released will also be reduced. This can cause favourable climatic conditions. E-bikes being machines they do not pollute the environment at all cost.

8.They can cover long distance

To cover long distance calls for more cycling and covering large tracks of land per unit time. However, with an electric bike, you can cycle far distance without any fatigue. So if you are in a hurry and probably not fit enough to walk the long-distance or cycle a normal bike, then E-bike will be the best alternative and let it to the cycling work for you. This will also lead to less time in commute hence saving time.

9.Electric bike health benefits

The electric bike has proven records that it can help in improving health. An article by Telegraph shows how he improved his health with an E-bike. So use the E-bike to get physically fit. I know some of you might be wondering that the bike is pedal-assisted. Trust me it still helps.

Lots of studies show that you can be physically fit as an e-bike cyclist.

Disadvantages of Electric bikes (The Cons of Electric Bikes)

Disadvantages of An Electric bike | Why you should not buy an E-bike

E-Bikes also have some Disadvantaged associated with them. Read below as I discuss the various disadvantages of electric bicycle.

1.E-bikes are somehow Expensive

The price point of E-Bikes is around $500-1200 dollars for a normal range Electric bike. However, some can go as high as $5000. This proves that Electric bikes are quite expensive.

2.You can cycle for a specified range

E-bike function up to a point where it has drained all of its charges. If the Battery of an E-bike takes 8 hours to fully charge and the charge can be cycled for about 100 miles then it can not exceed that range. Unlike a traditional bicycle why you can cycle as much as you can.

3.The battery has a rather short lifespan

The batteries hold up so that you can cycle the whole day. Rather you can use the E-bikes batteries for some specified time. After that the batteries would need recharging and if not then you will have to manually cycle the E-bike.

4.Electric bikes are heavier when not charged

One of the features required in a bike is the ability to be lightweight and aerodynamic so that it can be fast. Electric bikes are fast because of the motors but they are heavier than normal bicycles. So when an E-bike runs out of charge then it becomes heavier.

5.The resale value of an electric bike is low

One of the reasons that you might want to resale your bicycle is probably you want to upgrade to a better bike. When it comes to this level the amount you be forced to sell on is very low and it’s like a total loss.

Conclusion on the Benefits of Electric bikes

The benefits of electric bikes are numerous. They’re a great way to get exercise without risking injury, they help reduce your carbon footprint, and some models even have regenerative braking that can charge the battery while you ride!

We hope this blog post has helped you make up your mind about whether or not an e-bike is right for you. Which benefit did you find most compelling? Let us know in the comments section below!”

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