What is A Fat Bike and Benefits of Fat Bikes (2021 guide)

Fat bikes are the hottest new trend in cycling and with good reason. The benefits of fat bikes are soo many. Fat bikes are versatile machines that can perform well in a variety of conditions – from snow to sand to mud. They’re also generally cheaper than carbon fiber mountain bikes. If you’ve been considering buying one for your next bike purchase, here’s why we think you should go ahead and order one today!

What is Fat Bike?

What is a fat bike? | benefits of fat bikes

What is a fat bike has been a common question asked by many. A fat bike is a bike with oversized tires. Fat bikes are among the latest trend in cycling, and it’s easy to see why. They’re designed for a variety of terrain – from snow or sand to mud – which means you can go where most other bikes won’t dare! And if that wasn’t enough, they’re also generally cheaper than carbon fibre mountain bikes too.

A Brief History Of Fat Bikes

The fat bikes were invented mainly to operate on sand and snow. However, the bikes are capable to be ridden in almost all terrain. Fat bikes were first invented around the 1900s and letter a premodern design invented around the 1980s. This fat bike was in form of a three tire. it was designed by a French cyclist known as Jean Naud for desert travel.

Still, In the late 1980s, Alaskan frame builders experimented with lots of experiments and came with fat tires used by Jean Naud for his long travel. Afterwards, fat bike gained popularity. Very huge demand for fat bikes rose and around the 2000s, commercial production was at its peak. However, you can read the detailed fat bikes history from Wikipedia fat bike history

What are the benefits of having a Fat Bike?

We think there are lots of reasons to buy a fat bike or rather a huge fat bike benefit. Below are some of the benefits we think are worthwhile considering. We have a guide on The best 5 Steps to Finding the Right Bike feel free to refer there.

1. They are very versatile and cheap

This is one of the fat bike benefits, having one of the best Fat Bike is a great deal because they’re versatile and cheap compared with other bikes.

The cost of a fat bike is cheaper than that of an expensive carbon fibre mountain bike, which means you can buy more than one! There are also lots of places to get good deals on second-hand Fat Bikes too if you feel like it’s just the thing for your next purchase.

As well as being practical though, fat bikes just look super cool – there are lots of different colours and designs out there if you want something a little bit different from your average two wheel

2. They can be used on any terrain

What is a fat bike? | benefits of fat bikes

Fat bikes are great for riding on sand, they are also great for navigating through snow and other surfaces that might be difficult to ride a regular bike. The wide tires give you more traction than thinner ones would have so it’s easy to stay upright when the surface is slippery or unstable.

They’re also good for off-roading because they can handle rough terrain much better than traditional bikes with skinny tires – not just in winter but all year round!

The wider tyres can offer an increased amount of floatation over sandy beaches, which means less chance of sinking into the soft ground. As well as being practical though, fat bikes just look super cool – there are lots of different colours and designs out there if you want something a little bit different from your average two wheel

3. Fat tire bikes are more comfortable

Fat bikes are designed with comfort in mind. The fat tires are designed to absorb shock and allow you to ride over almost any terrain. One rule of gravity is increasing a base area. Therefore the fat tires keep good tracking ensuring that you don’t skeed or fall more so when you are riding your fat bike around a conder under high speed.

What is a fat bike? | benefits of fat bikes

The handlebars of the fat bike are also we desired with better grip. Never the less there is much more space when pedaling this is comfortable in that you won’t stain your knee caps when riding.

Springs at different areas of the fat bike increases the comfort without damaging the riding experience. You won’t lose control on feel distracted when riding on a rough road or rather when you are riding on a bump. Nevertheless, if you love long rides, then you’ll enjoy them a lot more!

4. They can be used in all kinds of weather

Fat Bike tires are designed to cope with sand or snow so you could take them out in winter where most people think twice about going without having a specific type of bike for those conditions.

What is a fat bike? | benefits of fat bikes

As we mentioned before, there are plenty of reasons why riding a fat bike will soon be popular all year round rather than being seasonal – meaning you’ll still have chances even after summer has passed.

The ultimate way to get around town on snowy days is undoubtedly the Fat Bike! With wide mountain bike style tires that float over soft surfaces. With this knowledge, I feel like you should grab one of the best fat bikes and be able to bike year-round with them

5. Low maintenance cost

Unlike other bikes which have a high maintenance cost like changing bike tire after a period of time or at times depending on what rides the bike was taken to. Fat bikes need very low maintenance cost to maintain the bike.

A sneaky peak for you to read:

As a matter of fact, Many other bicycles require expensive changes like changing tires after rides but not with fat bikes since the transportation options for these types of bikes make them durable enough to last long periods without any problems.

Fat Bike Frame: Fat biker frames are typically made out of metal for their strength and durability so when considering repairs on a frame, owners will usually find themselves needing fewer replacements than what’s necessary for normal bicycle frames due to its

6.Fat Bike is good for exercise

Since one kilogram of human fat is equivalent to 7800 carriers can be burnt riding a bike. This is totally applicable. A recent study done by cyclist.co.uk states that when a person rides on an average of 200 watts for about one hour, then it would take the person almost 11 hours to burn a whole kilogram of fat. Now let’s put our fat bike into consideration, the deal would be more achievable in that fat bike is heavier than other bikes.

Quick read for you:

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When a person matin the one hour ride for about 195 watts up to around 200 watts then approximately one kilogram of fat would be burnt. This was a good factor to consider as one of the fat bike benefits.

7. A great Fat bike Community

Since riding a fat bike is fun it also has a great following. You have to hide your love and passion for fat bikes try and explore social media whereby you will find fat bike enthusiasts. The people share where knowledge about fat bikes and tricks associated with fat bikes. For instance fat bike nation from Facebook.

Our wrap up on What is a fat bike and the benefits of fat bikes

Conclusion paragraph: There are many benefits to owning a fat bike. They’re great for winter riding and have the shock absorption that makes them perfect for off-roading.

Maybe you already own one and just wanted some more information about how they work, or maybe you were considering investing in one. Either way, we hope this article has been helpful!

Let us know what things made you choose a fat bike – was its price? The frame size? Whether or not there is suspension on the front fork? We want to hear your thoughts so we can provide better content in future posts!


1.Are fat bikes harder to ride?

A fat bike is easier to ride but not on all terrains. Since fat bikes are even heavier than a road bike and mountain bikes this weight makes it hard to pedal on terrains for instance when going uphill.

2.Are fat bikes worth it?

Yes, I would say they are worth it. Actually, fat bikes are excellent. They offer you the ability to ride all year round and never ride on any kind of terrain you love. Moreover, The fat bike provides more cushion, comfort and traction when riding.

3.Are fat bikes good on the road?

The answer to this question is straight forward and it’s yes. But since am a person who loves specialization I would advise you to have look at the best road for this. Although keep in mind that fat bikes can also perform well on roads.

4.Are fat bikes slow or fast?

For a bike to be fast then weight and material have to be light and the design is supposed to aerodynamic. However fat bikes are heavy and there they are not as fast as road bikes. Which are aerodynamic in design and completely lightweight

5.Are fat bikes good for beginners?

Fat bikes are beginner-friendly and can be easy for you to ride. With just a few practice on the bike then you will be fit to go

6.What is the point of fat tire bikes?

Since a larger surface reduces pressure, then the fat tires of the fat bike provide a relatively larger surface area which increases traction between the bike tire and the surface. Therefore with this more comfort is achieved

7.Can fat tires fit on any bike?

this will defend on the fork of the bike. Personally, I have never tried it but the design of the frame and for can tell if a fat tire will be a possibility to be added to the bike.

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